The roof of the client had a serious leak problem that had not been solved in several years, although large sums of money were paid to fix it, without achieving success.

Because of the leaks, the ceiling was also damaged.


One of the main requirements of the project is that the roof change should take place in the middle of the rainy season, requiring a maximum level of coordination and efficiency.


Once the technical visit and the diagnosis were made, the total roof was changed using continuous total Lock films. This product has an elegant appearance both on the external and the internal side, so the film can be used exposed without affecting the aesthetics of the house.


However, the determinant factor is its "zero-leaking" system, because its design and hidden clip fixation system dramatically decreases the risk of water seepage.


It was also recommended to the client to install polycarbonate skylights in key areas of the roof, which by its structure superior to conventional acrylics, allow maximum use of natural light.


The primary goal of completely eliminating the leaks was achieved. In addition, the daily routine of the family was not affected by the work of the change of roof, since the living sky is docked at all times to the schedules established by the client.


As the work progressed, material waste was eliminated so that at the end of the period the space would be clean. With the installation of the skylights, a pleasant atmosphere was created with diffused light, without glare or heat points.


Type of Project

Private Residence




Sabanilla de Montes de Oca, San José

Roof area

216 Square meters


Continuous films Total Lock 50 Polycarbonate Skylights

Hojalatería (gutters and everything, ridges, canoes)

Tel: +506 4000-1866 / +506 7141-6004


Alto de Guadalupe. San José, Costa Rica.