The client was interested in installing solar panels in his home to counteract the high amount of the monthly electricity bill, which together with the poor quality of the service, had become an untenable situation. On several occasions he hired technical staff to examine the possible source of the problem, and the only explanation he received was that he had an electric leak.


This project involved two particular challenges: the difficult-to-access area, and the poorly-stated roof, which, when leaking over the years, prevented the correct installation of the panels. In addition, the client's foreign nationality made it more difficult to navigate the local procession required to generate clean energies.


After a first technical visit, Cielo Vivo It proposed the installation of a photovoltaic system that included a first stage of change of roof to solve the constant problem of the leaks. Subsequently, the solar panels were placed, using a fixing or anchorage system that does not require drilling to hold the panel to the structure (S-5!).


Cielo Vivo He also supported the whole part of the mythology, thus alleviating one of the main concerns of the client. As an extended part of the service, repairs were made in a galeron that was in bad condition and that the client uses as a workshop.


Thanks to the efficiency and commitment of the team of  Cielo Vivo, Once the project started, only two visits were necessary: one for the installation of the roof and another for the panels. At all times it was demonstrated commitment to the need of the client, in an environment of respect and professionalism.


In just one month, the electrical bill went from the equivalent of $340 to only $5, which represent the minimum bill by law. It is projected that at the end of the first 12 months of installing the photovoltaic system, the client ends up paying only 5% of what he paid the previous year.


Type of Project

Private Residence




Cóbano, Puntarenas

Roof area

295 Square meters


Continuous blades Total Lock 50 composite, panel type

Thermoacoustic insulator

18 255 Watts Solar panels (4590 Wp) efficiency 16%

Kaco Power inverter BluePlanet efficiency 96%

Web monitoring 24/7 (Solar Log 300)

S-5 Anchorage System!


"We are very satisfied with the professionalism and quality of the work of Cielo Vivo. When they left, they cleaned every nook and took care of the last detail. Truly a great team to work. "


Anna Carter-Owner

Tel: +506 4000-1866 / +506 7141-6004


Alto de Guadalupe. San José, Costa Rica.