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Costa Rica has a very high solar irradiation capacity that makes it an ideal place to install photovoltaic panels. With this technology your company becomes more competitive, because it saves money, decreases its carbon footprint and contributes positively to the environment.


When investing in a solar energy system Cielo Vivo, And it will put it in a leadership position, as green technologies make it possible to generate a positive impact at the social, environmental and economic levels.


Companies, in the current competitive context, need to innovate and Excel. The production of solar energy is key so that organizations can demonstrate to their stakeholders the commitment to evolution towards change.


Reach your goals. Our team of professionals, engineers and technicians will help you to design and dimension a solar system tailored to your needs and budget. Having a renewable energy system will be an easy and viable project with the advice of  Cielo Vivo.

What you should know before installing a solar power system in your company


1. How a solar panel system works Cielo Vivo?

The term "solar panels" is popularly used to refer to devices that capture the energy of solar radiation for its use. Here we gather the solar thermal collectors, which are used to produce domestic hot water, and photovoltaic solar panels, which serve to generate electricity.


In Cielo Vivo, we specialize in photovoltaic solar panels, that is to say, we installed the necessary systems to transform the solar irradiation into direct current energy.

In order to use this energy, it must be converted into alternating current, which is normally used by companies. This goal is achieved through an investor.


The energy from the solar plant is injected into a box of breakers that protects a particular circuit within the company's internal network. This implies that the system does not distinguish the specific load type it is feeding.


The company has the option to take control of the energy produced through a monitoring system, and see it through a mobile phone or a computer with Internet. In this way, it is not only possible to learn how much energy came in the day, but also to share information with collaborators, area managers, directors and other interest groups.



2. Photovoltaic solar panels can be placed on any roof?


Two concepts must be taken into account: the weight, which has to do with the structure (trusses and nailers) and the surface, which has to do with the type of cover (zinc, shingles, corrugated, etc.)


The weight of solar panels ranges from 18 kg to 25 kg per square metre. This means that if the roof was built in compliance with the National building codes, the structure would be able to withstand the weight of the system without any reinforcement.


With respect to the surface: it is possible to install solar panels on any type of roof; However, the state of the sheets should be valued, as the panels are placed directly on them.


Note that in Cielo Vivo Not only do we offer solar panel systems, but we also have more than a decade of experience in manufacturing and installing roofing roofs. This combination of complementary products makes us the only supplier in the country that can give you an integral solution, so that both the roof and the panels have the same useful life of at least 25 years.


3. How much roof area is required?

First you have to calculate technically how many panels are needed to supply the energy demand. In most cases, the roof area is sufficient to install the photovoltaic solar panel system.

In extraordinary cases, where the ceiling space is extremely limited and the number of panels is very large, it would require installing panels elsewhere on the property.


4. How far the system of the place of consumption can be?

The system can be installed on any part of the property, not necessarily on the roof. For example, it can be put as a roof of a parking lot or in any other convenient area.


In fact, in Cielo Vivo, We offer solar parking, a new product that consists of a light aluminium structure with solar panels that can be used as parking. This way, you protect your vehicles while generating clean energy for your company.


5. What types of materials are used?

In Cielo Vivo We make sure to use only the highest quality equipment, with primarily American and European technology, with materials 100% certified.


Everything we sell meets international standards and standards.


6. What kind of maintenance is necessary to give the system?

Maintenance requirements are minimal and any unskilled person can handle it. Only the panel area requires a general cleaning sporadically (approximately every two years).


7. What kind of warranty they offer me?

Solar energy systems, as explained above, are composed of several elements and each has different guarantees offered directly by manufacturers, which are usually 10 years and in some cases it is possible to extend.


Cielo Vivo It makes the role of integrator and combines the different elements to form a solar energy system. Installation and Labor are guaranteed for 10 years.


There is also the guarantee of performance and service life ("performance") offered by the manufacturer, which is that the panels must have a performance of at least 80% of their capacity at 25 years.


8. How is the process?

Cielo Vivo It manages the permissions for the systems that inject energy to the network. We make it easy for you. Basically it will require a formality before the CFIA, the Minae and a contract with the electrical company that attends its community (ICE, CNFL, ESPH, JASEC, Coopesantos, CoopeAlfaroRuiz, Coopeguanacaste or Coopelesca).


The national regulation differentiates three types of energy production systems using solar systems:


The systems for self-consumption that make use of the national electricity network to deliver the surplus of energy production to use them later. This is called simple distributed generation and is regulated by the POASEN. For example, the solar system of a family that leaves the house alone most of the day and at night consume the energy produced and deposited in the net.

Self-consumption systems that never inject energy into the national power grid and everything produced consumes it at the moment. For example, a company that works mainly during the day and that at night its energy consumption is minimal.

The systems whose objective is the sale of energy to the ICE. Like a hydroelectric plant, those people who want to sell energy will be regulated by law 7200 and entail a series of very complex administrative and technical requirements that could take several years to process.


9. What happens to the solar power system if you cut off the electrical fluid?

If you have a solar system interconnected to the network the system will turn off.

This happens for the safety of the personnel of the electrical company. If your solar plant is producing and injecting energy into the network, it could harm those who are working on it. Therefore, the company must have the power to prevent the injection of current in its network if it is doing a maintenance in the area.


Remember that the solar power system is designed to contribute to the environment and get savings on the electrical bill. It should not be confused with a backup system when the electrical fluid fails.


If the quality of the electrical service in your community suffers from constant blackouts, it is the responsibility of the electrical company to solve the problem. If you need to guarantee the non-interruption of the electrical fluid, then you must have a special battery system (UPS type) to be able to have power during blackouts or a backup plant.


10. How the installation process is?

With Cielo Vivo It's very easy. First, our team of experts analyzes your needs for energy use and consumption. Based on the objective that we have in mind, we design a custom system to optimize the cost-benefit. After that, we make an estimate of the scope and the investment.


The installation of the equipment will depend on the size of the system and the quantity of the devices to be placed. Once the system is launched, your company will begin to benefit from the most modern renewable technology.


In parallel, we proceed with the procedures before the corresponding electrical company to remove the interconnection permits to the network. National regulations establish a maximum of 120 days for the power company to sign the interconnection contract.


11. How much I should invest to have a solar panel system?

It must be taken into account that companies are charged different electric rates to those that are paid at residential level. These rates vary depending on the distribution company that provides the service. The amount to be paid is also affected by the power factor (or demand) that they charge when the consumption is higher than 3000 KWh.


Case #1 With energy and demand:

Two companies spend about ₡ 600.000 in monthly electric bill. This bill contemplates energy and demand. Assuming that the companies would like to cover approximately 60% of their consumption with a photovoltaic system of Cielo Vivo:


  • If they were connected to the ICE the investment would be around $35.000 for an approximate price of $1.68/Watt.
  • If it were with the CNFL would be invested $42.000 equivalent to $1.56/Watt.


Case #2 With energy and without demand:

(not charged for being below 3000 KWh)


Two enterprises spend around ₡ 300.000 and pay only energy. Assuming that they want to cover approximately 60% of their consumption with a photovoltaic system of  Cielo Vivo:


  • If they were connected to the ICE the investment would be around $19.000 for an approximate price of $1.8/Watt.
  • If I were with CNFL I would invest $22.000 equivalent to $1.81/Watt.


In both cases, the return on investment would be between 4 and 6 years depending on the particular conditions of each company, such as the electric company that bills you, the amount of investment, solar irradiation in your area, among others.


Our mission in Cielo Vivo is to accompany you throughout this analysis process so you can enjoy the benefits of a solar energy system, with the certainty that the plan to be implemented has been tailored to the specific needs of your company.


Additionally, we have access to manage the financing of the systems using the same equipment as collateral for the loan. The national banking system also provides funding for this type of project, and we provide support throughout the management.


My company is interested in the project, what is the procedure to follow?


En Cielo Vivo We are in the best position to help you with your business project.


In a first stage we make an estimate of the savings and investment opportunities, for which we request the following information to the mail


  1. The last electrical receipt and the one from six months ago. Each receipt shows the history of six months, so with these two receipts we can analyze the consumption data of the last year.
  2. If the consumption is higher than 3000 KWh, the load curves are required, which are requested from the electric Company.
  3. The location of the company, preferably signposted in Google Maps or GPS coordinates.


The second stage consists of a custom-engineered design, which is realized once the project investment estimate has been agreed. This implies coordinating a technical visit to revise physical and feasibility conditions, allowing us to make a definitive quotation.


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