ReRoofing for new business Projects

In Cielo Vivo We know how important it is for your company to have safe and reliable facilities that guarantee the continuity and productivity of its operations.


Sooner or later your company will look at the need to intervene the roof. The most common case is because it has exhausted its useful life and has water leaks that have not been able to be repaired, even after many attempts. In other cases it is because the structure (perling) that supports the cover requires maintenance and is more efficient to do so simultaneously with the change of the roof. It can also happen that by the dynamics of the business, it is necessary a cooler place and/or with better natural illumination.


There are productive processes that by their nature, do not allow any type of entry of pollutants (insects, rodents, birds, noise, wind and dust), or that demand the installation of new equipment on the roofs, as is the case of antennas of communication, AC capacitors or solar panels. In these cases, it is imperative to install a new system of roofs with the appropriate technology that meets the highest international standards.


Since 2003, our raison d'être has focused on meeting the needs of roofs and enclosures of our clients, without affecting the daily business of their businesses. We use the best products that guarantee optimum performance. The work we do includes the uninstallation of the existing roof, the installation of the new ceiling system and the responsible disposal of the waste, so that at the end, the space is clean and free of debris.


We understand that a project as important as a roof replacement can generate stress and concerns within the organization, so we maintain a fluid and constant communication between the parties and adjust to the schedule agreed with the customer, resulting in the harmonious culmination of the project.


Additionally, we are enrolled in the Federated College of Engineers and architects, we work in compliance with occupational health standards, and we contribute to the different actions of corporate social responsibility and other certifications that the company could be implementing.


We invite you to refer to the Projects section, where you will have access to success stories, customer testimonials and project history. Our consultants are ready to listen to your concerns, just contact us and we will respond to your request immediately.

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