Fixation system S-5!

We are importers and distributors of the S-5 fastening system!


This fastening system is specially designed to install diverse equipment in tray-type roofs without the need for drilling.


Thanks to this technology, we have installed air conditioning equipment, maintenance walkways, antennas and safety lines on our roofs, guaranteeing a good grip and no perforation of the sheets. Besides, being such small pieces never obstructs the flow of water.

Use in solar energy


The catalogue of products that make up the system S-5! It is very extensive, because there are pieces for the most specific needs. However, for the purpose of the safe installation of solar panels, in the living sky we use the two pieces that are placed on the cube:


These pieces serve two critical functions:


  1. Hold the solar panel
  2. Interconnect the building's grounding system


The floor where the panel sits has notches that make the aluminum frame of the panel connect to the Earth system to discharge any atypical situation, due to lightning or over-voltages in the mains.


They are UL-certified to ensure end-user safety.


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